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Comparasite Full-length cDNA Database
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    Information attached to the genomic or cDNA sequence to give a clue to its biological functions


    Protein coding sequence. Full-length cDNA - cDNA containing the entire sequence from the cap structure to polyA

CpG-like element

    Genomic regions where CG dinucleotides are statistically enriched compare to other regions. It is supposed that the transcription regulations mediated by DNA methylation play pivotal roles in the formation and functions of CpG islands.

Full-length/Truncated cDNA

    Full-length cDNA is defined as a cDNA covering the entire part of the mRNA, from the cap site to polyA. Truncated transcript is a cDNA lacking some part of the full-length cDNA, mainly around the 5f-end parts. See scheme of truncated transcript decision for procedure to select full-length cDNAs from truncated cDNAs. Also, see the reference; Kimura et al. Genome Res (2006).


    Gene ontology terms, which are selected from controlled vocabulary to represent functional information of genes.


    Characteristic amino acid sequence which are frequently observed in functional parts in amino acid sequences, such as "kinase domain" and "DNA binding domain".


    A method to construct a full-length cDNA library. Cap structure of the eukaryotic mRNA is replaced with synthetic oligo by enzymatic reactions as are served as the 5'-end tag thereafter.


    Open reading frame.


    Virtual cDNA sequence generated as a hybrid with the annotated genic sequence with the physically isolated cDNA sequence.

Subcellular localization

    The place where the protein exists in the cell. Abbreviated as Subcell.


    Promote element which is supposed to play a role in sexual-stage specific gene expressions in malaria parasites.

Transmembrane domain

    The helix structure part of the transmembrane protein. We used predicted the information by SOSUI. Abbreviated as TMD.

Truncated transcript

    Transcripts which do not seem to be full-length. See Scheme of truncated transcript decision. See the reference; Kimura et al. Genome Res (2006)


    Untranslated region.

Vector Trap

    A method to construct a full-length cDNA library. 5'-end tag is introduced by utilizing an enzymatic feature of reverse transcriptase.

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